Trends in Smart Home Technology

New Home Automation Technology is Making Homes Smarter

We have all experienced the feeling of the moment when we suddenly can’t remember whether we have turned down the heating of locked the garage once we have already left the house for a while. The feeling of doubt consumes us and is so frustrating. You’re feeling helpless, and you are stuck stressing until you get home. Smart houses and smart technology are breaking that cycle giving us the assurance and convenience we need. Imagine just taking your smartphone and pressing a button to close your garage door and be sure that the lights are all off. And in the close of the afternoon, together with your telephone again to turn in your heat, the lights, along with your favourite music before you leave the workplace and come home to a welcoming environment.

Making houses “smart” is a developing trend that’s gone from button-press security methods to controlling and celebrating your house from anywhere.

Increasingly, modern home buyers are looking for homes with integrated technology to make life simpler and more secure. When looking for property for sale don’t forget to see what smart home devices are installed and ready for use. There are so many trends in the property industry such as no agent property sale and smart home technology is just one of those booming trends. Soon we will have a home where everything is automated and even voice controlled as already seen in Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. These devices truly show the great potential of smart home technology and what can be achieved.

Listed below are 5 Trends in Smart Home Technology:

Décor-Friendly Gadgets. Home automation technologies may blend in conjunction with your décor than conventional devices. Highlights include thermostats with a great layout which are aesthetically pleasing and smart door locks which appear sleek and contemporary. You don’t want mismatched pieces of technology all over the house, therefore there is a trend in packages or bundles that are all in one, eliminating the need to use many different systems and styles around your home. The trend of designer home technology has sparked complimentary items to arise such as colour schemes and furniture.

Programmable or Zone-Based Thermostats. Have you heated your house for no one? Turn the heat down or on from any place with your smartphone or tablet. Zone-based thermostats use movement sensors and provide warmth only to inhabited rooms. This type of technology not only reduces power bills and conserves the environment, it ensures the entire house is adequately heated or cooled for your family without you having to touch a single button. Different rooms can also be programmed to a certain desirable temperature, so nobody can complain about their room not being the right temperature.

Wireless Power Controls. Home automation permits you to control a myriad of devices with the touch of your finger. Automatic sound systems for songs indoors and outside his house, together with HVAC, lighting, safety and pool/spa characteristics that could be controlled together with his household’s iPads, wall mounted touch panels or remote controllers. Anything that can be digitally controlled can be loaded onto a device. Turn on the sprinklers and boil some water with the same device, so convenient. These smart home tech developments will greatly improve the lives of the elderly living independently or those who are mobility impaired, allowing them to take control of their home without having the move or strain.

Automated Door Locks. If you are carrying heavy grocery bags or even a crying kid, unlocking your door could be a significant feat. Bright locks require the guesswork from working with a secret by automating your door to unlock or open as you approach. Using smart detectors you just need to carry the key or access card in your pocket or on your body. Not more fiddly metal keys that are tangled in a bundle and heavy to carry around. Smart door locks are also more secure as they cannot be picked or damaged like traditional locks where invaders can easily gain access to your property.

Advanced Security Systems. Watch your children get home safely from school, be sure they are doing their homework rather than watching TV, or just install and equip your security program along with other alarms as you’re off with the touch of a button. Security cameras are becoming more and more advanced and affordable as many households realise the benefits or a security system. There are many integrated security systems with combining the cameras with other home security hardware such as a remote control gate that can be operated from the house and even gate automation systems that work by sensing your arrival and opening and closing consequently. This removes the hassle of insecure gates and locks.