Tech Gadgets That You May Never Have Heard Of

Technology is continuously evolving and improving. Old and awkward contraptions become smaller, sleek, and more effective. These devices are unbelievable innovations or dazzling redesigns, but unfortunately, they appear to have gone undetected. Most of these gizmos are currently readily available, and I’m currently considering getting a few of them.

Solar-Powered Water Distiller

This wonderful gizmo can turn dirty, or even seawater, into drinkable water without using any power or solar power and can primarily be made from basic accessible materials and no general plumber is needed. Individuals in disadvantaged locations can put the filthy water into it in the early morning, and by evening– they will have clean water.

The Universal Unsubscribing App

If you keep getting spam e-mails you just cannot appear to get rid of, PaperKarma is an app that lets you take an image of spam you manage mail, and they will contact the advertisers and unsubscribe you from their newsletter.

Tiny Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones have actually been around for a while now, but these small ear-buds take the cake. The maker claims that they’re both very effective, and can work for a long time in between each charge.

Magnetic Power Switch

How did nobody think about this before? Utilize your power switch as a key-holder without harmful hooks and keep your keys where you’ll constantly find them.

Aerodynamic Umbrella

This umbrella can stand up to winds of approximately 100 km/h (or 60 miles per hour), keeping you dry and not buckling under strong winds. I’m absolutely getting one.

Laser-Guided Scissors

Having a tough time cutting a straight line? Don’t want to risk having to pay out the owner builder insurance excess if you damage your house? These laser-guided scissors are the solution.

Preventing Your Plumbing From Freezing

If you reside in a place where winter season temperature levels drop below the freezing point, you might have had the annoyance of having your pipes freeze over and even rupturing pipe and having to call an emergency plumber or make a home indemnity insurance claim.This helpful device will conserve your pipes by immediately turning off the primary valve when temperatures end up being too low.