Charge Your Smartphone One Day?

Fully Charged Handsets are Coming from the Future

Running out of juice while you’re running around town is the scourge of the modern day smartphone owner. Smart shoes could be the answer though, as boffins at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a pair of sneakers capable of recharging your phone as you walk.
charge your smartphone one day?

Kinetic energy is generated through repeatedly placing one foot in front of the other foot, this innovation is being called ‘bubbler tech’ and is the main mechanic behind Dubbed InStep NanoPower.

A high-tech sole fitted with a pair of flat plates separated by a small gap filled with a conductive liquid make up the shoe. At 10 watts of energy for every square metre covered; the shoes can create up to 5 times the energy required to charge a typical phone

Sure, they’re not the most stylish of kicks and they feature a platform sole that would bring Tom Cruise up to an intimidating height, but they’re a starting point. A sign of the walking, charging future. Sadly, this is just a prototype and the tech is a long way from being commercialized; you cant actually buy them. But with any luck, we won’t have to wait too long before someone figures it out, and slaps this tech in some slightly better-looking shoes.

From Popular Mechanics